Episode 4: Katie Schwartzmeyer-Stearns

For today’s episode of Game on Glio, glioblastoma caregiver Katie Schwartzmeyer-Stearns sits down with host Shannon M. Traphagen to discuss what it’s like to find someone, fall in love, and then face losing them early in a marriage.

Seven months after getting married, Katie’s and her husband Jesse found themselves in the ER for his sudden migraines. Soon they had a diagnosis of Grade III anaplastic astrocytoma. Katie and Jesse decide to seek fertility treatments so they could have children together. Katie is honest and raw about what it was like to experience pregnancy while Jesse was in treatment, and what it was like when his health fell into sharp decline after their newborn arrived.

She also opens up about the people who come into your life when you least expect it. Katie talks about meeting John, her second husband, and the ways their family remembers and honors Jesse as they move forward with life.

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