Episode 5: There’s No End of Remembering with Matt Anthony

Today’s guest, Matt Anthony, is the driving force behind the Head for the Cure Foundation, which is the parent organization of this publication. Matt founded Head For The Cure 19 years ago, after his brother Chris was diagnosed with GBM. Upon his passing, he and Matt made a promise to each other: “To keep the fight going, and help all those that are affected by brain cancer.” Matt kept that promise and then some. To date, Head For the Cure has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of research, further clinical trials, and patient resources and supports. There 5K walks and runs have become a beacon of hope and endurance. They provide these events in more than 30 states across the country.


Clinical Trials:

Immunotherapy Frontiers:(https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01811498)


Flipping the Switch: A National Cancer Institute Interview with Dr. Mark Gilbert (article)

The Science of Social Connection: An article by Dr. Emma Seppala of Stanford University (article)

Head For the Cure Events:

All Head for the Cure Events – Interested in starting your own event or learning more? Email [email protected]

Kansas City MO 5K Walk/Run August 29th

San Francisco CA 5K Walk/Run September 12th

Rochester NY 5K Walk/Run September 26th

Chicago IL 5K Walk/Run October 3rd

Want an event brought to your city? Visit here to learn more: headforthecure.org/organize-event

More by Brains For the Cure:

Watch a patient video here

Books referenced in Ep. 5

A Night Without Armor: Poems by Jewel

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