Kansas City Survivors participate in workout class

Written by Survivor and Head for the Cure Ambassador, Lisa Joerling

When I signed up for Head For the Cure’s Survivor Event I didn’t quite know what to expect. We met at WeBuild4Life and the staff gave us an introduction and detailed explanation on the workout ahead.

They focus on functionality for cancer survivors so we did a variety of different things including rowers, lunges, squats and pushups. I felt comfortable with what I was doing because the coaches Emily and Sami were right there helping us. The class was upbeat, positive and a lot of fun, They have small group classes, so we got to know the other members quickly.

My favorite part was the golden doodle, Ruth, running around. She was a great addition to our class. I got a great workout in, it was a nice change from the normal workouts I do and I was definitely sore for a few days after.

As cancer survivors, many of us have areas that are weaker than others or have some limitations, they will help you adapt to that and still allow you to the get the best workout for you. Because the vast majority of the people here are cancer survivors it is a non-intimidating gym because the other members just get it.

Staying active is important to me because it not only helps my physical health but my mental health as well so this was a great addition to my goal of staying active. 

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