A Team Approach to Treatment

As a patient goes through treatment, they should surround themselves with family, friends, and medical professionals they can trust.

It is a team approach. If you think I’m going to see my doctor and we’re a team. And we’re fighting our tumor together.

Dr. Nina Paleologos | Advocate Aurora Health

Dr. Paleologos recommends having this attitude throughout treatment and even after. This team doesn’t only include a primary neuro-oncologist, but also nurses, social workers, surgeons, and other medical professionals serving on your team.

Another recommendation from Dr. Paleologos is to have a complete and detailed list of all medications on hand. Whether this is at a routine appointment or at the grocery store. If something were to happen that caused a visit to the ER with doctors you may not know, a medication list is incredibly helpful to determine appropriate treatment.

If you are looking to build your medical team or find a second opinion, explore our “Find a Brain Tumor Center” page for partner centers of Brains for the Cure.

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