Support Groups

No one should go through the journey alone. Support groups and resources can help to provide guidance and an outlet for connection with others going through a similar experience.

Treatment Information

For the treatment of a brain tumor, there is a standard of care available, but each patient’s treatment will vary based on their personal diagnosis including enrollment in clinical trials.

Financial Support

Many treatment centers have financial counselors or social workers on staff to assist you. There are also some national resources, grants and options to consider.

Health & Wellness

During and after treatment there are various lifestyle changes a patient may consider to help manage symptoms and side effects. 

Local Resources

There are many organizations that can provide additional resources for financial assistance, support groups, and more.

Research Publications

As research and clinical trials progress there continues to be new findings for different treatment options.

Please note that the content on the following pages are provided solely as informational resources for patients with brain tumors, their family members, and caregivers. These organizations are not associated with Brains for the Cure and we are not responsible for the content on these sites. All treatment decisions should be discussed with a patient’s medical provider.