Acts of Kindness: Remembering Steve Damm

Acts of Kindness: Remembering Steve Damm

November 4, 2019

10 years ago, family and friends gathered to celebrate what would have been Steve Damm’s 41st birthday. They released balloons with personal notes to celebrate his life after he passed away from a glioblastoma.

The next year, Tyra, Steve’s wife, and their two children had a cake, but they weren’t sure how to celebrate. “And then it was weird. It was a sad day and we were like it’s really horrible to have a birthday when the person’s not there. And we didn’t know what to do,” said Tyra.

That birthday inspired the next birthday and the several after. On what would have been Steve’s 43rd birthday, the Damm family created “43 Acts of Kindness”. They were concerned they may not be able to complete the task, but through the power of social media, they had more than 400 acts of kindness that year.

Each year this tradition continues in Frisco, Texas, and even across the country and globe. Whether you purchase a stranger coffee or lunch, make a generous donation, or deliver a friendly card, the point is to simply be kind to others.

Along with the Damm Family and Head for the Cure, Brains for the Cure encourages you to be #DammKind today in support of Steve, his family and friends, and all those who have been affected by brain tumors.

Today is Steve Damm’s 51st birthday. Help celebrate his life and legacy by spreading kindness, even if it’s just one act. You can learn more about today’s celebration on the Check on Steve blog.