Choosing the Right Doctor for Brain Tumor Treatment

Choosing the Right Doctor for Brain Tumor Treatment

December 28, 2019

Finding the right doctor, and entire treatment team, for brain tumor treatment is incredibly important for a patient. Doctors and survivors from across the country share where they see the importance in choosing the best team for treatment.

Dr. Nina Paleologos of Advocate Aurora Health shares the importance of choosing the right neurosurgeon based on the type of tumor and placement. An example she shares is having surgery for only a biopsy versus having a tumor resected. In the case of having a tumor resected, depending on its placement, a neurosurgeon with experience doing awake craniotomies could be an important factor to choosing the right surgeon.

Dr. Roy Jensen of the University of Kansas Cancer centers advises most if not all patients to seek second opinions when available. He also encourages seeking treatment at a NCI Designated Cancer Center when the option is available. When looking at centers for second opinions, the doctor that provided the initial diagnosis should be able to suggest options to you.

Hillary is a grade III/IV brain stem astrocytoma survivor and was treated at Texas Oncology. After her first MRI, she immediately knew she needed to see a neurologist, but which neurologist was the real question. With the help of family physicians she found Dr. Groves. Hillary notes that it’s important to find someone you can be comfortable with throughout the course of treatment and after.

Dr. Nick Avgeropolous from UF Health Cancer Center shares the value in feeling confident in the treatment team you’ve assembled. “But, I think that there needs to be also some trust in the person who’s caring for you or the team who’s caring for you or some independent validation or verification. And that’s how confident that a person is doing the right thing or making the right decisions, irrespective of outcome.”

Lisa is a ganglioglioma survivor and continues to manage her symptoms. Lisa knew she had the right surgeon from the moment she met him. She felt a level of comfort with him that was important to her and her family throughout her care, and she describes him as caring, funny, and on top of everything.

Colin is a grade II oligodendroglioma survivor and was treated at MD Anderson. With Colin’s tumor not needing immediate surgery, he and his family took the time to find the right hospital and doctor for his surgery and treatment. From the recommendations of family, friends, and research, Colin chose to seek treatment in Houston at MD Anderson.

Brains for the Cure maintains a close relationship with providers at many of the country‚Äôs best brain tumor centers. Explore these sites on our “Find a Doctor” page. Many of these sites are National Cancer Institute designated research cancer centers, and members of the Brain Tumor Trials Collaborative.