Fight A Recurrence With Hope

According to the NIH, glioblastoma has an unfavorable prognosis mainly due to its high propensity for tumor recurrence. It has been suggested that GBM recurrence is inevitable after a median survival time of 32–36 weeks. 10 years after his initial diagnosis, Matt Mendlick is fighting even harder as he faces his own recurrence.

How does the Head for the Cure Foundation support patients like Matt? They support patients and caregivers who are currently navigating a brain tumor diagnosis through their largest program, Brains for the Cure. Brains for the Cure (BFTC) is an online navigator designed to lend a helping hand throughout one’s brain tumor journey as they advocate for themselves, become educated on the latest research and treatments, and connect with others through Ambassadors, online support groups, and stories.

By supporting the Head for the Cure Foundation and its fundraising efforts, you are supporting patients right now. Patients like Matt!

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