The mission of Head for the Cure is to raise awareness and funding to inspire hope for the community of brain cancer patients, their families, friends, caregivers and other supporters, while celebrating their courage, spirit and energy. 

They accomplish their mission by three endeavors: 1) Building Awareness for a disease that is not widely known and needs advancements in treatments to help patients; 2) Raising Funds through 5K run/walk events and other fundraising events and campaigns to support clinical research and programs; and 3) Igniting Hope for all who have faced this disease.

The primary beneficiary of Head for the Cure is the Brain Tumor Trials Collaborative (BTTC), a network of more than 30 institutions throughout the U.S., led by Dr. Mark Gilbert of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Clinical trials are being conducted at these institutions to find better treatments for people with brain tumors.

Donations made to Head for the Cure supports the resources provided by Brains for the Cure.