Introducing the NEW Brains for the Cure!

September 21, 2020

For the past several months, the Brains for the Cure team has been hard at work making updates to our available resources, specifically the addition of resources and videos for the caregivers in the brain tumor community.

Thank you to the generous support from GT Medical Technologies for partnering with us on this initiative.

Caregiver Connections

Whether you’re a patient or a caregiver, when you hear the words “brain tumor” it can feel incredible isolating and intimidating. Hear and read from other caregivers that have gone through a similar journey. Whether you are caring for your child, parent, spouse, sibling, friend, or are in another role, we have curated content from caregivers that filled a similar role.

Explore these videos here!

Caregiver Conversations

Join us every month for conversations on a variety of topics with other caregivers across the country. The first Caregiver Conversations will take place on Thursday, September 24th at 7 PM ET \ 6 PM ET \ 5 PM MT \ 4 PM PT. Register for our Caregiver Conversations here!

Caregiver Ambassadors

Brains for the Cure is welcoming a group of caregivers from across the country to serve as Caregiver Ambassadors. These individuals will have profiles featured on our website and serve as a resource for other caregivers looking to talk with someone who understands the journey they are navigating. These Ambassadors will also contribute to videos and articles available on our site.

Meet our Caregiver Ambassadors here!

Brains for the Cure is Head for the Cure’s largest program and empowers patients and caregivers through advocacy, peer-to-peer connection, and brain tumor educational resources to help them be informed decision makers in their journeys.