Questions To Ask Your Doctor

Below are some helpful questions to consider asking your treating doctor to help you decide if they are the right doctor for you.

Questions to Ask:

  • Ask for information about the doctor’s experience.
    • How many years have they been practicing?
    • What is their specialty?
  • Ask about the doctor’s credentials.
    • Did they do a fellowship or specialized training in neuro-oncology?
    • Are they board certified?
    • Do they have any additional certifications?
  • Ask about their experience in caring for people who have brain tumors.
    • How many brain tumor patients have they treated?
    • How many patients have they treated with your specific brain tumor diagnosis?

Make sure you are getting the best care possible by asking your doctor these questions.

We encourage you to download and print this guide and bring it with you to your appointments. 

Tips For Communicating With Your Doctor

It is important to communicate your feelings, questions, and concerns with your doctor. The following suggestions may help to improve communication between you and your doctor.

  • If you do not understand your doctor’s responses, ask questions until you do.
  • It can be overwhelming and hard to remember all the information provided at an appointment. Consider bringing someone with you to serve as a second set of ears or to take notes.
  • Take notes, or ask the family member or friend who accompanies you to take notes for you.
  • Ask your doctor to write down his or her instructions, if necessary.
  • Ask your doctor where you can find printed material about your condition. Many doctors have this information in their offices.
  • If you still have questions, ask the doctor where you can go for more information.
  • Ask your doctor who to contact with questions and what is the best way to contact them.
  • Decide if you want to be the primary person communicating with the doctor or designate a family member. This can be helpful when communicating with the doctors office or sharing information with other family and friends.

Seeking a Second Opinion

The Brain Tumor Trials Collaborative is a network of renowned medical centers. These doctors have made a career long commitment to improving the lives of brain tumor patients.

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