What is Plus Therapeutics?

April 10, 2024


Plus Therapeutics is a U.S. clinical- stage pharmaceutical company focused on developing innovative, targeted radiotherapeutics for adults and children with difficult-to-treat cancer.  Their mission?  To solve the toughest challenges in oncology by improving the efficacy, precision, and convenience of radiotherapeutics.

New to Plus Therapeutics is the ReSPECT-GBM Clinical Trial featuring a helpful guide for patients with glioblastoma.  This booklet is a study guide for patients that breaks down the ReSPECT-GBM clinical trial in simple yet educational terms and answers patients’ frequently asked questions. It explains what the clinical trial is, how it works, patient eligibility, risks/benefits, and what happens on each day of the trial which is now enrolling Phase 2 patients with recurrent glioblastoma.

What to expect in this guide

  • About the Clinical Trial
  • About the Treatment
  • Study Qualifications
  • Summary of Visits & Screening Tests
  • Pre-Treatment & Catheter Placement/Surgery Visits
  • Day 1: Treatment Day
  • Day 2 & Day 3 Visits
  • Day 4, 5, & 6 Visits
  • Day 7, 9, & 14 Visits
  • Day 28, 56 & End-Of-Study Visits
  • Study Follow Up
  • Risks and Benefits
  • Resources
  • Notes

Learn more by visiting Plus Therapeutics Website.

Other helpful links

Link to ReSPECT-GBM Clinical Trial Guide for Patients (also attached): https://www.respect-trials.com/recurrent-glioblastoma-respect-guide/

Link to ReSPECT-GBM Clinical Trial Website: https://www.respect-trials.com/gbm/

Link to ReSPECT’s Recurrent Glioblastoma Patient Guide for Patients: https://www.respect-trials.com/patient-guide-gbm/