Who Can You Talk to as a Caregiver?

Mitch’s wife, Allie, was diagnosed with a grade III anaplastic ependymoma brain tumor in 2016. He, along with Allie’s parents, fill the role of being her caregivers. As a caregiver, your focus is typically on your loved one and doing what is best for what they need. Sometimes, that means not taking time for yourself and talking through your own emotions and stress points.

For Mitch, he turns to his parents when he needs someone to talk to. His parents know they are not Allie’s caregivers, but they still want to support Mitch and Allie through this journey. Mitch says is dad is a “glass half full type of person”.

His favorite saying is, ‘it’s just a speed bump’. From the moment of her diagnosis he said that and that has kinda been a phrase that has stuck with me.

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