Brains for the Cure Partners with Novocure

Brains for the Cure (BFTC) is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Novocure, to enhance resources, guidance and peer-to-peer connections for brain tumor patients and survivors.

BFTC is made possible by donations to the Head for the Cure Foundation. BFTC was launched as an online patient navigator in 2017 to help patients understand, manage, and cope with all the twists and turns of a brain tumor diagnosis. After a re-launch in 2019, BFTC has been enhancing its experience to provide enhanced tools for patients and caregivers advocate, educate and connect with others with like experiences. Our new patient experience, complete in 2020, focuses on supporting a new navigation that is tailored to the journey that is most helpful to the patient.

Novocure was founded to provide patients with a new cancer treatment based on using alternating electric fields, when applied at specific frequencies, can disrupt cancer cell division and cause cancer cell death. This innovative treatment, Tumor Treating Fields, is a completely different approach to cancer therapy.

Novocure’s therapy, Optune, is a wearable, portable, FDA-approved treatment for glioblastoma that creates Tumor Treating Fields which interfere with glioblastoma cell division that may destroy them.

Together, BFTC and Novocure are committed to supporting brain tumor patients throughout their entire journey with brain tumors. They remain at the heart of why both organizations exist. The Brains for the Cure Patient Perspective Initiative is powered by a grant from Novocure. 

Brains for the Cure looks forward to this growing partnership with Novocure and continuing to serve caregivers and patients through their brain tumor journey.

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