Determining Your Legacy

Determining Your Legacy

November 4, 2020

Determining Your Legacy

How does you want to be remembered? What steps can you take to determine your legacy now?

Memories for Loved Ones

There are many options to ensure special memories remain after a loved one is gone. From recorded messages that are played on birthdays to buying future gifts to leaving notes for future special occasions, there are several ways to leave special surprises for children, spouses, parents, and friends.

Annual Celebrations

You can choose to carry on your legacy each year on a special day. Those days can be anywhere from going to your favorite spot, to planting a tree, to doing a larger event like a golf tournament to raise funds to fight brain cancer in your honor or a day of action.

Leave a Legacy Gift

You may have become connected with a specific foundation or a cause that has meant so much to your family. Consider adding that foundation as a part of your planned giving to leave a lasting impact.

Tyra’s husband, Steve Damm, passed away in 2009 after being diagnosed with glioblastoma. For the first few years after his passing, Tyra and her family were unsure of how to honor Steve, specifically on his birthday. In 2011, around the time when Steve would have turned 43, Tyra decided she wanted to honor her husband’s memory with Acts of Kindness. She along with family, friends, and even strangers completed 43, if not more, acts of kindness. Each year they continue this tradition with what has been come to be known as “Damm Acts of Kindness”, and complete the number of acts that would relate to his age that year.