GammaTile Therapy Introduces Patient Navigator Program

GammaTile Therapy Introduces Patient Navigator Program

October 30, 2020

GammaTile is a radiation treatment that has been recently FDA-cleared and is specifically designed for use inside the brain to give patients immediate and targeted radiation after the tumor is removed during surgery. This new form of treatment is implanted at the time of brain tumor removal surgery and is designed to protect healthy brain tissue in order to limit the effects of traditional radiation.  It also precludes that need for ongoing radiation treatments and the associated additional hospital stays or travel.

In order to support patients and caregivers through this journey with this new form of treatment, GammaTile Therapy is introducing its Patient Navigator Program. This patient-to-patient resource will provide a first-hand guide to those who have any questions and continue to help with resources and support during treatment.

Meet Shannan –  GammaTile Therapy Patient Navigator and Glioma Survivor

“After multiple surgeries, oral chemo and external beam radiation, I was ready to try something new, and I’m glad I received GammaTile Therapy. I feel great and bounced back quickly—my best recovery.”

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