Learning More About Clinical Trials

Brains for the Cure was launched to be an online online patient and caregiver program to provide resources and information through their journey with a brain tumor. According to a study done by the National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS) only 42% of patients were informed about clinical trials by their medical team.

What is a Clinical Trial?

Where Can You Find Clinical Trials?

Patients, or their caregiver, can ask their doctor about clinical trials taking place within their center, but sometime a patient will need to travel, if able, to participate in a trial. Doctors should always be consulted when deciding whether or not to participate, but a database of clinical trials can be found at ClinicalTrials.gov.

What Should You Ask About Clinical Trials?

Some important questions to ask a doctor about clinical trials are;

  • How does the treatment work to treat my brain tumor?
  • How often do I have to be seen in the clinic or hospital?
  • How could the trial affect my daily life?

More questions can be found in the Brains for the Cure Patient Resource Guide.

Where Can I Hear More About Clinical Trials?

Did you know that Brains for the Cure has a video library with more than 200 videos from patients, caregivers, and doctors covering a wide variety of topics? We do! Check out the Clinical Trials playlist.

Where Can I Learn More?

National Cancer Institute: The National Cancer Institute offers great resources to explore if you want to know more about clinical trials options available. They also have a listing of clinical trials for brain tumor patients taking place at the NCI.

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