Understanding My Medical Team

November 9, 2016

Understanding My Medical Team

Members of your medical team may include;

  • Neuro-oncolgist: a doctor who treats brain or spine cancer
  • Neurologist: a doctor who deals with disorders of the nervous system
  • Neurosurgeon: a doctor who operates on the brain or spine
  • Radiation oncologist: a doctor who administers radiation therapy
  • Neuropathologist: a doctor who studies diseases of the nervous system
  • Psychologists: doctors who offer emotional support
  • Social workers: professionals offering support for the practical and financial impact of a brain tumor
  • Nurses and nurse practitioners: professionals that oversee the management of patient care as recommended by their doctor

Find more descriptions of potential medical team members and questions you can ask them when starting care in our Patient Resource Guide.

Seeking a Second Opinion

Many patients may choose to see additional doctors for second opinions before selecting their medical team and course of treatment. Brains for the Cure in coordination with Head for the Cure is honored to work with some of the top medical centers across the country.