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Relational: Patient - Understanding the Relational Aspect of the Journey

Navigating Relationship Changes After a Brain Cancer Diagnosis

Receiving a diagnosis of a brain tumor is a life-altering event that not only affects the individual diagnosed but also reverberates through their entire social sphere. Relationships with spouses, family members, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances undergo significant transformations as everyone grapples with the newfound reality. Understanding these changes and navigating them with empathy and open communication is crucial for all involved.Spouse/Partner: The bond between spouses or partners often faces some of the most profound shifts. The initial shock and uncertainty may bring partners closer together, strengthening their support system. However, as treatment progresses, challenges such as financial strain, role adjustments, …

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Caregiver Questionnaire


Medical - Exploring Options

Medical: Alternate Treatments (Outside SOC)


A Spotlight on GT Medical Technologies: Podcast Episode 08 with Shane Brown

For episode 08 of the Rare Enough podcast we share a conversation with Shane Brown, where we explore the groundbreaking innovations of GT Medical Technologies and more specifically, the GammaTile.What is the Gamma Tile?  GammaTile, created by GT Medical Technologies, is redefining brain tumor treatment. By delivering targeted radiation directly to the tumor bed during surgery, GammaTile minimizes exposure to healthy tissue, offering enhanced outcomes and reduced side effects for patients facing the complexities of brain tumors.

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